Taking It To The Streets With Lori And Shira  


There are times that the internet is a wonderful thing. I learned about Taking It To The Streets from 2 Hounds Design, a vendor friend whom has donated to this group. Through Lori's daily postings and pictures, it is easy to see the compassion, devotion and care that this group gives to the homeless pets and their companions in Riverside, CA. Rarely do hear of anyone putting shoe leather to pavement and helping out in their own community in this manner. Kudo's to Lori, Shira and all their volunteers. With the generous support of the "online village" they will be able to continue their work for years to come.
- Ella Whippet and her human

I saw your story online and was so moved and impressed I had to contribute. Lori and Shira are doing an amazing, wonderful thing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to these all-too-often forgotten and neglected souls. You are making the world a better place, and there is truly nothing greater thanthat. Thank you again. Learning about the work you're doing made my day.
- Stacey Gillen

I met Miss Lori and Shira on the streets, literally, as we held signs on LA street corners to passing by cars to bring attention that LA animal shelters were full. Miss Lori and Shira were so dedicated in saving the lives of shelter animals that they drove an hour and a half each way from Riverside to LA to help out with adoption events at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter.
It is no surprise that Miss Lori and Shira saw the great need of the homeless people in their hometown and so Taking It To The Streets With Lori And Shira was born.
What they do DAILY for the homeless community and their pets goes beyond words. I have gone out with them when they attend to the poor and was truly astounded by the way they approach each and every person and their pets by name and as a friend.
Everyone, no matter their situation, is treated with respect, kindness, compassion and love. It warms the heart to see.
Miss Lori and Shira ROCK for the homeless, their pets and shelter animals... WOW!!!
- Lou Wegner, Kids Against Animal Cruelty

Taking it to the Streets with Lori and Shira...what an amazing thing! These girls are the most selfless duo and the amount of time, effort and empathy that they put into helping animals and their people is astounding. I love their perserverance and dedication to all the animals and the genuine care that they have for the homeless. Thank you for all you do! I am honored to call you my friends!
- Cindy Doran

I was homeless with my dog bambi since April of this last year. I had been by myself since 2005. Lori finally talked me into going home. She pulled some strings and by christmas Bambi and i arrived to Pullman, Washington. Lori Rich, Kristyn Soholt, Deborah, Dan Guy, Sherry Oldfield, and Deborah Fine, all of you are Pawsome!
- Love, Bambi and Deborah aka "Mikki"

I can't begin to put into words how honored we are to know Lori. While so much of our world is filled with selfishness, Lori and Shira are two of the few who sacrifice so much of themselves to help others who will never be able to repay them for their kindness. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Lori personally over the last couple of years. Everything she does, she does from her heart. I don't think any of us truly know how much she and her family sacrifice, and that's because they do it without complaint, and without expectation of praise or thanks; they do it from their heart, because they feel it is the right thing to do. I am sure I speak for many when I say that I cry tears almost daily when seeing the photos of these grateful people and the happy dogs who have been touched by their kindness and compassion. Lori and Shira's work is a daily reminder to me to be thankful for all that I have, and a reminder of the importance to give back to others. They have touched and changed not only the lives of the folks on the street and their animals, but also those of us who follow their activities online. As someone else so beautifully stated, knowing Lori has made me a better person.
- Keri LaMar

I was homeless and had a dog and that's how I met Lori and "Taking It To The Streets." She always made sure my dog, Tiny Bear, had food, a leash, bowls to eat and drink out of, and toys to play with. She often times had hot food for me as well. She would call me to find out where I was and if I needed anything for my dog while she was out. She was very supportive of me getting off the streets and has still continued to check in on me even though I don't have my dog anymore and I am no longer in Riverside or on the streets.
- Megan Arthur

When I was feeling lonely after losing both my dogs and my husband, I looked at the local shelter portfolio to find a new companion. It was hot outside and there, advertised was the sweetest dog...something sparked. I filled out the application to adopt him and then went on a short vacation. By the time I got back, it was 110 outside and I had to have that little street creature right away. After a walk-through, I was the lucky recipient of the famous "Fluffy". Ever since that initial experience, I have become completely dedicated to the dignity and respect that Lori and Shira show to their fellow man and the animals. I follow Lori's reports with awe. I will always give them whatever I can that they need. It's the finest charity to which I donate all year long. I am so fond of these angels.
- Susan Williams

Lori, I just want to say Thank You for all you do for our pets. I am leaving Sunday to start my truck driving career, Tibbs will be vacationing at El Camino Kennels in Redlands until I am able to have her with me on the road. Your help has been such a relief in a stressful situation. Tibbs thought the homeless thing was the greatest thing to happen with so many caring people. Thank You!
- Gay Stanton and Tibbs

Before there was "taking it to the streets" Lori and Shira were helping high risk shelter dogs get adopted. I adopted a Red Nose Pit that was a direct result of their kindness and compassion. That was about 4 years ago. My girl is now snuggled in front of a warm fire in her forever home. I believe their tending to homeless pets and their companions was only natural for this remarkable Mother/Daughter team. I live in Oregon, but support them as often as I can and I know for a fact that because of them I look at the lives of the homeless and their pets differently. The work they do not only makes a difference, but it makes those of us that know and follow them, want to make a difference. Even though I've only met Lori and Shira once I am honored to call them my friends. Knowing them has made me a better person. With great respect and admiration,
- Karama Billick

Lori and Shira have taken a forgotten population, and literally takes care of them. Their positive and selfless work brings comfort and makes a real difference in the lives of the homeless and their pets. Comfort, education, pet population control, and community outreach...Riverside needs to take notice and step up their program!
- Sharyn Sherman

"Not many people can change you for the better single handedly, we were fortunate to spend 2 days with Lori and Shira when we were in CA in 2012. Being in NYC we always bought food and coffee for homeless people, we just always felt it was the right thing to do. The difference from buying someone a cup of coffee and bagel to meeting Lori and then Robbie - changed us both. We are so grateful for our friendship with Lori, 3000 miles keeps us apart but, distance does not matter we connected and we will always call her friend and support her mission!! Forever grateful for her kindness to the world and friendship! Lori and Shira are truly the earths angels in CA!! Xo love always..."
- Melanie & Sean, Kids Adopt A Shelter, NY

"Being involved and helping in one's own community is, in my view, the right way tochange the world. There are huge needs everywhere but we often forget what is right in our own neighborhoods. Lori and Shira are doing amazing work -- and I especially gravitate toward their mission because it directly involves the *animals* that live on the street, as well as their caretakers. I'm often amazed at the love, compassion, and sacrifice that people who are homeless make for their companion animals, and I'm truly honored to be a small part of Street Kindness's work. Thank you, Lori and Shira, for all you do...you spread kindness every day not only through your own actions but also by inspiring others to reach out to others."
- Leslie Martin

"I absolutely admire what Lori and Shira do! It takes a special kind of heart to care about people most of the population doesn't care about. Lori and Shira both have that special heart! They are a true inspiration and have inspired me to help as much as I can. Keep up the fantastic work! Much love,"
- Sandy Alvarado

"I ran into one of your posts on FB a while ago and subscribed, because you were doing something that was a positive thing. Something in your tone made me want to know what was going on. You are a gifted writer. Your daily reports are uplifting to say the least. They just make me want more of what you are doing.
You found a place in the world that was not being taken care of. The pets of the homeless. Not that it was not taken care of, but you found a way to reach even more. In the process you are bringing joy into their lives. You are helping them do things that will enrich their lives by doing thing legally. Spay, Neuter, license. This lets them keep their dogs and pets while staying within the law. It takes away one thing they need and can't do for themselves.
In the process you also help feed them. Feed the pets and get supplies to them that they would never have access to.
You are blessings sent from God for sure."
- JD - Riverside Black Sheep HDFC - www.BlackSheephdfc.org - I.E. HOG

Many years ago, I was homeless. Due to a medical emergency I had to sell everything I owned, my home, my business, my car...anything that anyone would buy in order to meet the crisis. It was painful. Yet the hardest task, was parting with my dog. I knew I had to move and I knew I couldn't take my pet.
Now, years later, everything I lost has been more than restored. I have a pound doggie, Belle. But I will never forget (nor should I) the loss of my Ernie. What you do for the pets of the homeless is a miracle mission. I support you financially as best I can (because I live 3,000 miles away). Your work makes a difference in the lives of the people and the animals. I know you struggle to give them what they need to just make it through the day. But having walked in their shoes, trust me, you are a ray of hope in their lives. Love and Prayers.
- Olivia C.